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Fringe TV Series by JJ Abrams


Well, another season of Fringe started and took the whole of Lola in alternate universes.

Slavoj Zizek, Psychologist

The Pervert's Guide to Thinking

"For everyone interested in the enduring power of cinema to shape our desires and fuel our dreams"

Sigmund Freud, Innovator

Dreams, dreams, dreams

The fabric of dream experiences as powerful and as important as the reality we live every day.

Alan Moore Writer

Love your rage, not your cage.

Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta. Too bad if you don't know who are we talking about.

Joseph Campell, Mythologist

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Everyone's life is a journey of a hero.

Zygmut Bauman, Sociologist

Liquid Modernity

"In what we do we hardly ever start from a clean slate. The site on which we build is always cluttered: the past lingers in the same ‘present’ in which the future tries to take root."

Muhammad Yunus, Economist

What is impossible today, becomes routine tomorrow

A true challenger of the status quo.

William Gibson, Writer

The future is not google-able

Visionary as every designer should be.

Marshall MCLuhan One and Only

The One and Only Media Guru. Forget the rest. And read everything he wrote.

Enough said.