Nofrontiere Operating System 2.0

Here is the publisher's intro: "There's virtually nothing that can stop or limit Nofrontiere" is one of the slogans found in this glorious manifesto-like new book introducing Europe's best-known multimedia designers. The book is itself a monumental leap in the evolution of design, brazenly challenging the limits of book design in a no-holds-barred spirit. Nofrontiere takes us through the challenges of the new technology and extends the dialogue further. Nofrontiere Operating System is devoted to the work of the Nofrontiere Design Studio in Vienna and its founders Andrea Steinfl and Alexander Szadeczky. Works shown include the winning design for the Lego international competition, multimedia design for the study of Freud's dream theory, a CD for the Austrian National Bank and Austrian TV, as well as the product catalogs from snowboards to furniture.